Kirin Afternoon Tea

Having experienced escalating sales in Japan and China, Kirin’s new “Afternoon Red Tea” selection here in Singapore combines quality living that British afternoon tea-drinking tradition represents with our own healthy lifestyle. Kirin’s “Afternoon Red Tea” selection uses only natural ingredients with minimal additives and is piled with Vitamins A, B, E.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Kirin Afternoon Tea at Bakin Boys!

Find the kirin afternoon tea at Bakin' Boys located in Suntec City Tower 5, opposite Tony Romas. Our first local cookie shop that provides cookies that are crispy on the outside and soft with tons of melty chocolate on the inside. Be sure to check them out!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Fridge Decal Sticker!

Fridge Decal Sticker at Cheers!

This fridge decal sticker will be placed at every Cheers outlet to help you find our excellent drinks fast!

Sampling Exercise with Simply Her!

Kirin Afternoon Tea at Takashimaya Square

On 12th of March, starting from 10 am in the morning at Takashimaya Square, Kirin Afternoon Tea will be conducting a one time distribution of their line of drinks as part of a tie-in promotion with Simpy Her, Singapore’s brand new homegrown women’s magazine.

A total of 5000 cans of Kirin Afternoon Tea will be distributed in a Simply Her magazine goodie bag. The main empahsis of this sampling exercise will be the
Kirin Afternoon Milk Tea which will allow Singaporeans to experience the richness and exquisiteness of this perfectly brewed Japanese milk tea drink. Produced from the same manufacturers of the Japanese Kirin Beer, the Kirin Afternoon Tea with its light and refreshing taste will definitely be a crowd winner.

So come on down to Takashimaya Square this Saturday the 12th of March to take advantage of this excellent deal!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Available at all Cheers Outlets!

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Now the Kirin Afternoon Tea is available at all Cheers Outlets!

KIRIN- 午后红茶





麒麟《午后红茶》系列中的各种口味均采用纯正天然成分,含极少添加剂 享用后让人身心都自在。

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Kirin Afternoon Lemon Tea Posted by Hello

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Launch of Kirin Afternoon Tea!

The perfect fusion of British royal tradition and exquisite Asian tea
culture is here to drive away that post-lunch afternoon languor. You
deserve a moment out of your busy daily schedule to indulge in a cup
of fragrant red tea. Escape the sweltering tropical heat with a
refreshing glass of iced red tea...

Kirin's "Afternoon Red Tea" series has its foundations in the
expertise of the finest Japanese tea-brewing techniques. Each glass of
red tea has been lovingly made with a single minded passion for
perfection. Be seduced by the subtle sweetness, sparkling radiance and lingering fragrance. Redefine your expectations of bottled beverages.

Having experienced escalating sales in Japan and China, Kirin's new
"Afternoon Red Tea" selection combines quality living that the British
afternoon tea-drinking tradition epitomises, with our own healthy
lifestyle. Kirin's "Afternoon Red Tea" selection uses only natural
ingredients with minimal additives, is rich in Vitamins A, B, E and
contains traces of fibre.

The new selection presents many different flavours, from the
refreshing original flavour, to the tantalising "Lemon Red Tea" and
the high-calcium "Royal Milk Tea". There will be a unique flavour to match your every mood. Be rejuvenated, by the little bit of paradise in each bottle